Parameters of a Premium Quality Ayurvedic Medicine

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In India, we've got more than 8500 authorized Ayurvedic drugs makers. It has been noticed by the WHO (World Health Organization), and other health allied organization that most of the Ayurvedic medications are being prepared by inexperienced workers in forest areas. Moreover, the Ayurvedic drug doesn't have rigorous strategies for controlling quality for plant materials. Further, the acceptance criteria in most of those Ayurvedic medication makers rely on organoleptic characters and this may also deceptive many times since basic medication area unit received in dry type and in several cases in a broken condition like little items of barks, roots, and rhizomes, powders of leaves and flowers etc. Therefore, if one tends to begin quality checks from inventories, by creating it obligatory for traders to provide the crude medication with a certificate of study and quality, this downside will be overcome in a very massive means. Another major downside round-faced is of non-homogeneity of the materials. Additionally, many times a mix of mature and immature plant species-area unit received that is troublesome to separate.


Pharmacognostic analysis so becomes difficult. Microscopic examination of many samples which too in the dried condition of the broken natural object is extremely become difficult. Therefore, WHO in 1992 has issued comprehensive tips for the healthful plants.  Materials and these tips are very helpful for making certain consistency of flavored product. However, not several Ayurvedic medication makers are able to undertake these tests for the wish of appropriate research and development and internal control laboratories.  World Health Organization tips counsel & elaborate entire procedures of manufacturing the medicine & also for various styles of plant materials. 

With the exception of basic identification necessities, stress has been set on rigorous microbiological testing and the absence of chemical residue etc. Specific tests are recommended along with a specific biological activity. Importance of chemical strategies analysis together also has been recommended. Keeping all the criteria, norms and standards, Vaidhyashala is preparing all the medicine and its products.


The uniqueness of Vaidhyashala Ayurvedic Medication is that they're made up of original herbs with none mixing of artificial herbs. They all are authentic as prepared by natural herbs directly extracted from plants.  We tend to use the very best quality ingredient to prepare all drugs. The quantities of all herbs or ingredients are taken in the applicable ratio as per the drugs. The entire process of their manufacturing follows the standard norms and techniques for obtaining their full efficacy. Their quality is being controlled throughout the processing & as well as after manufacture. Hence, we follow and sustain good manufacturing practices since products get initiation.  Validity and reliability are taken into consideration prior for manufacturing any medicine, starting from ensuring the authentic plant materials, appropriate sampling for ensuring homogeneity of the products, and then undertaking quality control testing including microbiological testing to ensure the complete absence of all pathogens. Afterward, they all are packed in a well-closed container so that their original fragrance will sustain long-lasting and essence of the product remains effective.  Hence, Vaidhyashala ensures for all the products as its medicine are processed by using premium quality as per defined parameters of the industry.   Alike all different industrial merchandise, pharmaceutical product is usually subjected to rigorous and extremely regulated internal control and quality assurance tests. 


The entire purpose of testing is to verify and re-confirm “Quality”, “Purity”, “Efficacy” and “Safety in Use” of any pharmaceutical product. These essential four parameters square measure are equally necessary for any pharmaceutical product. Vaidhyashala ensures all these quality parameters for its all products. Its products also ensure to be used in the best ways for therapeutic treatments.


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