Nirgundi Tail Benefits, Uses, Ingredients, and Side Effects

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Tail Benefits, Uses, Ingredients, and Side Effects

Nirgundi Tail is extensively used as a traditional Ayurvedic Medicine. The scientific name of Nirguandi is Vitex Negundo, it is also commonly known as found in Southeast Asia.  It is one of the best herbal oils used in the healing sciences. It is rich in therapeutic properties such as antiseptics, astringent, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties.

Benefits and Uses of Nirgundi Tail

  1. As it is analgesic-inflammatory, hence its work as a pain reliever. It reduces pain and inflammation of the muscles. It heals joints caused due to injury or any fractures. Additionally, it also cures internal ailments.
  2. By applying Nirguandi Tail, various skin diseases could be treated such as vitiligo, even leprosy by using its leaves and products.
  3. It also cures acne and acts as anti-acne. Acne could be a serious concern for many of us specifically young girls and women. It also heals symptoms resulted pre-menstrual anxieties due to hormonal imbalance. It’s been observed that Nirguandi encompasses healing properties to cure skin infections, pimples, and acne.
  4. It cures respiratory system as be used as an herbal tea which helps to decongest the respiratory tract by removing phlegm from it. This helps in for air to pass rising the ventilation and normalizes the respiratory. This attribute of Nirgundi makes it a favored ingredient in Ayurvedic products that target respiratory diseases and respiratory disorder such as bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia.
  5. Helps in enhancing for several couples. It's been found that  use of Nirgundi has improved the fertility levels in many females and helped them conceive.
  6. It treats female controls PMS. Women usually gone through severe emotional, mental and physical turmoil prior to Symptoms of PMS like anxiety, depression and fluid retention can be dealt with easily. On an everyday consumption, an individual may heal utterly and not have from now on  of PMS.
  7. In addition to PMS and other ailments, this oil also cures Menopausal Symptoms. Menopause may be a physically and  distressful  for plenty of ladies. The body undergoes various bodily changes after reaching a certain age. Use of Nirgundi helps in  secretion and therefore aids in the transition method and prevents its side effects including mood swings, vaginal dryness, and hot flashes.
  8. Usage of this oil is considered a tremendous remedy for digestive disorders. It helps to strengthen and improve the functioning of the metabolism system. It reduces the gas formation and increases appetite. The plant extracts effectively in abdomen pain caused due to indigestion and low metabolism system. It cleanses the digestive systems.
  9. Nirgundi helps in suppressing Kapha and Vata for balancing them and diminishes It is a significant medicine for curing Vata related diseases.  
  10.  Nirgundi is also used to cure Throat ache. Drinking the mixture of oil with some salt in slightly water by gargles treat the swelling within the throat and heals Throat ache.


    Other Uses

    It is an enormously useful plant. In addition to medicinal benefits, it also has various other as keeping its dried leaves in between clothing prevents from insects and protects the clothes from the damage. Burning its leaves act as an effective mosquito repellent. They are also used as bio-pesticides & insecticides. It also used to keep away pests and insects, which are health hazards. Sprain, headache, abdominal gas and pain, fever, toothache, asthma, cough, ulcers, boils and wounds. Moreover, they are useful for a condition related to the spleen & liver, a universal recommended cure for Spondylitis and Ascities, it helps health and enhance immunity.


    – Vitex negundo
    – Gloriosa superba
    – Oil of Sesamum indicum

    Side Effects:

    1. It is adverse for Pregnant women.
    2. It could disturb in the menstrual flow and might also trigger allergies.
    3. It also affects the functioning of the heart, hence should be taken under medical supervision.
    4. Most of the common side effects include a headache, nausea, stomach upset, urticaria, dry mouth and tachycardia.
    5. It can also make hormonal imbalance among women and also interference with oral contraceptives and efficacy.
    6. Lactating women could face changes in the amount of milk production.






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