Applications and Uses of Maha Vishgarbha Oil

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Maha Vishgarbha is medicated herbal oil used for Ayurvedic treatment of Vata disorders. Since ancient times it in Ayurveda and very well known for its most prevailing Ayurveda principles. It is prepared by combining 72 herbs as per mentioned in the original Ayurvedic text. This is extremely recognized for its usage for the Neuro-muscular problems of . Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it works very effectively to reduce the back pain & limbs. Diseases such as sciatica, tinnitus, tetanus, swelling or inflammation, stiffness, tightness in back, lack of tactile sensation and all related diseases with Vata dosha are cured by using this oil as it the Vata. It is also used in various Ayurvedic treatments including Janubasti, etc. Nevertheless, it should be used only for external application and should be appropriate to use for Vata-Vikar.

This oil is extremely effective in all types of musculoskeletal pains. It is known as for arthritis, lumbago, spondylosis, spondylitis, strain & sprains.  Additionally, this oil is helpful in all of painful joints as its base oil includes the sesame oil.  Thus, this oil is also considered for tranquillizing and giving relief from all muscular pain. Besides, it also gives strength to joints & muscles and could be used for of time. Also, if there is a lack of sensation & ringing in the ear, this oil could be applied. improves blood flow & circulation in the body. It also helps in recovery of joint pain in less period of time and also effective to maintain a healthy joints and muscles.

Moreover, this oil has vast healing & therapeutic properties as it is used to treat & cure a range of diseases such as arthritis, gout, rheumatism, backache, inflamed joints, muscular pain, neuralgia, quadriplegia, lockjaw, unilateral emaciation, , (tetanus/), (stiffness and tightness in all limbs), (tinnitus), (lack of tactile sensation) and other Vata Roga (disease due to vata dosha). This oil gives practically instant pain relief specifically for stiff joints and muscles and combats any muscular pain.

In short, it could be said that this oil is the influential revitalizing oil for muscles and joints as it helps lubricating them and heals speedily in case of rupture. Furthermore, it maintains fitness of joints, cartilage & ligaments by supporting of motion and movement. Hence it is really very effective for stiff muscles, soothes sore, cartilage, all tendons & ligaments of and improves healthy joints. Above and beyond, it supports an active lifestyle by nurturing body actions & movements. Therefore, this oil is for Vata Roga.

Major Ingredients : Sesame Oil, Kakamaci, Kalihari, Nimba, Mahanimba, Dhattura Metel, Kanji, Kushta, Vacha, Dhatri, Maricha, Visha, Patu, Sunthi, Pippali, Vishatindu, Rasna, Tutthaka, Kushtha, Devadaru, Svarjikshara, Citraka Shobhanjana,  Sauvarcala Lavana, Vida Lavana, Audbhida Lavana, Samudra Lavana, Katphala Patha, Bharngi Navasadara, Patala, Trayanti, Dhanvayasa, Ghana,  Jiraka, Indravaruni, Nirgundi,  Punarnava, Vatari, Prapunnada, Ishvari, Bilva, Shyonaka, Gambhari, Agnimantha, Shalaparni, Prishniparni, Brihati, Kantakari, Gokshura, Shatavari, Karavalli, Sariva, Shravani, Vidari, Vajra Arka, Meshashringi, Shveta karavira, Rakta karavira, Vaca, Bala, Atibala, Nagabala, Vyaghri, Mahabala, Vasa, Somavalli, Prasarani,Vatsanabha Yava Kshara, Ashvagandha, Tumbini, Kakajangha, Saindhava Lavana etc.


It is for external use, if in case; accidental oral intakes are rush to immediately as it may cause toxins in . It should only be applied on affected areas as per body necessities. needs to wash hands cautiously after its use. This oil should be avoided during pregnancy. Keep away from children. Keep away from direct sunlight and store in cool dry place.

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